Saturday, October 07, 2006

Why don't non Torinese Italians like Torino?

I can't understand why Turin is so unpopular with non Torinese Italians. Yes, it is a very gray city with many winter mornings and nights filled with fog...but so are many other cities!

I think that Torino is the perfect size to have city-like qualities (huge market at Porta Palazzo, good size downtown area with lots of shops, cultural diversity, architecture, events, history, etc.) and yet it is managable. You can get from one end of the city to another in an amazingly short amount of time. Unlike many other Italian cities, you can actually find parking. One negative aspect is that the drivers are insane. Watch out of you have a green light to cross the street because they will run you doesn't matter that the light is red for them - there is a good chance they won't stop! This is normal in S. Italy, but most of the northerners outside Torino actually follow traffic rules.

Beware that it might take a lot of extra effort to make friends in Torino, as most people keep the same friends from nursery school for their entire lives. If you plan on moving there I suggest finding some foreign it might be very lonely! Once you make friends you will find Torino to be a very fun place to be. you can go to Murazzi or many other quaint little bars for aperitivo (the Italian version of happy hour, which is even happier because you get food with your drinks). The Christmas lights around the city are unbeatable, as are the Egyptian and Cinema Museums.

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Anonymous Ivonne said...

Ciao Laura,

I wondered the same thing when I was researching Torino and Piemonte for some posts I did on the Winter Olympics ... it's a funny thing!

Great post!

4:07 AM  

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